here we go!

After LOTS of thinking about how to share our excitement and, what I expect will be MILLIONS, of pictures of this baby without being “those obnoxious parents” on facebook – I decided to start this blog with the hope that I can achieve the following: (1) keep family/friends updated on us and the baby without lighting up facebook and annoying people that don’t care, (2) having a (somewhat) more private way of sharing our lives, (3) creating basically a digital scrapbook of our family that we can look at later and reminisce over milestones, events, photos, and other amazing times, and (4) have a place to share my (and Derek’s) thoughts on family, parenthood, and life.

We are typically pretty private people in the world of social media.  It’s rare that we use facebook to post things other than pictures of our animals (or any cute animal), self-deprecating comments, and funny pictures from the internet.  So venturing into the world of blogging about our new family should be an interesting experience for us.

I decided to start this blog now because we are SO CLOSE to the end of our first pregnancy and the start of a whole new life.  (Plus, we just had maternity pictures last night and I wanted to have professional pictures on here to start with, not just ones from our phones!)  So here are some of the pictures from our sneak peak.  I am at 38 weeks.

Reading books to Burt

We LOVE them!  And these were just some from the sneak peak.  You can see the whole blog post here.  They are wonderful, adorable, perfect, and amazing.  We love Emily-Waid Photography and I recommend them to anyone for anything.  Jenn did our engagement photos, wedding photos, pregnancy announcement photos, and maternity photos.  We want her to do anything and everything that requires professional photos forever.  Plus, she’s an awesome person.

So now that the maternity photos are done, this baby is welcome to come anytime now.