two worlds

On the 15th, Amanda and I went to a painting class through Wine & Canvas because it was a fundraiser for Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue.  This is the amazing organization that we fostered through and ultimately became “foster fails” and adopted Burt.  Derek stayed home with Alice while we painted.  What follows are the pictures we sent back and forth while I was gone.  I think it clearly shows the very different evenings we were having.  The conclusion is that my evening was much less loud and scream-y than his.


laura 1

Coming along nicely.

derek 1

This came with the text: “This is the first time I have put her down since 5 mins after you left.”  — This was sent 2+ hours after I left…

laura 2

Oh, look at that landscape.  I’m such an artist.

derek 2

I couldn’t stop laughing when I got this one.

derek 3

Followed an hour later by this one.  “Oh my god finally.”

laura 3

Well my evening clearly went much more smoothly than Derek’s.

laura 4Our finished projects.  I even added the little dog – it’s a fundraiser for a DOG rescue, you HAVE to add the dog.

Look for these selling at competitive prices on the art market.

This is what it was supposed to look like:

original painting

I’d say we were pretty close.