tulip time

Now that we have our own little family we want to make sure that we do fun family things – even if she is still too young to understand or appreciate the activities.  Tulip Time in Holland was one of those events we wanted to make sure we went to.

We went with Ben, Mariah, and Harper to enjoy the sunshine, brisk weather, and tulip buds….  It has been a really cold spring and the tulips have been pretty slow going.  We walked around the craft show and it was a good thing that we didn’t have cash because there were LOTS of cute baby girl stuff that I would have impulsively bought.

I brought the ring sling to carry her with while we were there.  I wanted to bring the stoller, too, in case the ring sling didn’t work out buuuut we forgot to put the stroller in the car, so ring sling it was.  She did great it in and slept the whole time.  The only downside is that in the ring sling, people can see how little she is and assume that I am bringing a newborn baby out in the cold and that we are crappy parents.  Tons of people commented on how little she was and kept asking how old she was.  One person said, “Seven weeks?  I would have thought seven days.”  Thanks for assuming I’d bring a week old baby out in that weather…

extreme parenting - changing diapers, feeding, and blocking sun on the front seat of my civic

extreme parenting – changing diapers, feeding, and blocking sun on the front seat of my civic in the parking lot


wandering around the craft show

wandering around the craft show


It was pretty difficult to find a batch of tulips that were in bloom.  Most of them were still just buds, scared of the chilly weather.

Doughty fam

Doughty fam 3


It was a wonderful time with wonderful friends.


The next day, Katelyn came up to visit and we went back to Tulip Time but it was way too cold to stay, so we walked around for a bit then took off and hung out at home.


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