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For the last 4 or 5 years Derek and I have done the Stomp Out Stigma walk.  The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan puts on this walk every year to help “stomp out” the stigma of mental health.  Last year Derek and I became co-captains for the Pine Rest team.  Before we were captains, the Pine Rest team was always pretty small (5-10 walkers).  When we took over last year, there were over 100 walkers for our team!  This year we had over 200 people sign up, but unfortunately not many actually showed up because it was unseasonably cold on Saturday morning – I’m talking like 45*.  Freezing.

Our little group (Derek, Alice, Justin, my parents, and me) didn’t end up doing the actual walk, though, because of timing with Alice needing to eat and my sister being done with her race and wanting to visit.  She did the Hit & Run 5K which looked like the coolest race ever – basically like the show Wipeout.  How cool?!

Regardless, it was a fun morning and we are thankful for all the people from the Pine Rest team that participated despite the cold weather.  Last year we got a huge panoramic shot of the whole group and we tried to do it again this year.  It is very difficult to gather that many people for a photo, apparently… Most of the group was all gathered and ready and it was pretty clear that I was the one taking the picture.  I went to round up a few stragglers and turned around to see the whole group disbanding.  Apparently someone had come up with a camera, took a few pictures, and the group thought that was it.  Seriously?!  Geez.  I had to track the guy down to ask him to email the pictures to me…


Pine Rest 2












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