my first father’s day


So this is exciting. I get another holiday every year that I get to consider ‘mine’. It’s almost like another birthday. I’ve never really been a major birthday celebrator. I used to use it as an excuse to buy myself something, or have a bowling party at the casino club. Hell, this year I turned 30 and no one even knew it was my birthday (Thanks, Alice). For those of you that forgot my birthday, it was February 20th and you can mail gifts to our home. Please contact me if you need our address. For gifts I enjoy most product lines by Budweiser, Microsoft, or Titleist.

Father’s Day. Is it really another holiday that I get to consider mine? Is it a holiday for me, or is it a holiday for my father, or my grandfather? I don’t really think so. I think it’s more so a day that we stop and think about what it means to be a father, and stop and think about how thankful we are to our fathers. What I’ve thought about the most today is how being a dad has changed my life.

I don’t get to go places on time anymore.
I can’t count on a full night’s sleep.
I smell like sour milk.
I can’t make a tee time without checking my wife’s schedule.
When I go places, people are more excited to see my kid than me.
I can’t rock out to my favorite Meat Loaf cassette in my car.

But being a dad, I don’t mind these things. It’s all worth it when I come home from work and see my daughter. Usually she’s not smiling, but it makes my day. I never used to leave work on time. Maybe one day a week I left on time. Now I can’t get out the door soon enough to get home and see my baby girl. I really, really, really love this girl.



Being a dad also makes me that much more thankful for my dad. I’m sure that he went through all of these things as well, but instead of Meat Loaf I think he was more so missing The Temptations, The Mama’s and the Papas, and Isaac Hayes (Yes, my father was a huge Isaac Hayes fan and I don’t think anyone will believe that, but it’s true). My dad is into his sixties now, and every time I see him I am thankful he’s in our lives. I’m thankful for the influences he’s had on my life. I’ve never really thought of what my dad has taught me, but I’ll make a brief list in my, and his, normal smart ass commentary.

Speak less often. Fewer words will carry more meaning. And fewer people will bother you about shit.
Be responsible. If you said you’re going to do something, follow through on it.
Family is important. You might not like that person, and neither do I, but hey, they’re family.
Respect your boss. They can make your life hell if they want to.
Be nice to strangers. People respect you more when they think you know everyone.
Work hard. If you do what you need to do, there’s more time for beer later.
Don’t hug people. This is self explanatory.
Fix things that you don’t know how to fix. If you try and can’t fix it, take it to someone that can but don’t tell them you tried already.
Don’t start a fight. You can fight, but Doughty’s don’t start fights, they end them.
Take care of your pets. If you got sick, wouldn’t you want me to take you to the doctor too?
Pick your battles. If you’re not going to make your own dinner, just eat the casserole and don’t say anything.
Appreciate what you’ve been given. There are plenty of people out there that have less than you.

I’m thankful for what my dad has taught me over my lifetime. I’m also thankful every day that I still have him. When I reflect on this I hope that some day Alice can say the same things. Maybe she’ll be a better child and not be a smart ass about it. I hope that I can teach her all that my dad has taught me and more. I hope that she’ll get to spend plenty of years with me as well.

she really doesn't cry all the time! I swear!!

she really doesn’t cry all the time! I swear!!


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