{four months old!}

Our baby is FOUR MONTHS OLD!


i'm how old?!

i’m how old?!

ahhh!  so happy!

ahhh! so happy!

adorable baby girl

adorable baby girl

We had to get a new white long-sleeved onesie for these pictures.  This is a size 0-3 month.  It is so baggy on her… She’s just a tiny little thing.


fourteen weeks old {june 21}

fourteen weeks old {june 21}

fifteen weeks old {june 28}

fifteen weeks old {june 28}

sixteen weeks old {july 5}

sixteen weeks old {july 5}

seventeen weeks old {july 12}

seventeen weeks old {july 12}

Here are a few highlights from her fourth month {june 15-july 15}

TOES!  This kid LOVES her toes.  And EARS!  She’s figuring out that she has body parts and it’s adorable.  She grabs those toes and rolls around like a little bug on her back.  We’ve also started noticing that she grabs her ears when she’s hungry and tired.  At first we were worried that she had an ear infection, but I think we’d know if this kid was sick.  She would tell us… loud and clear.  So now we know that pulling on her ear = tired and hungry.

This kid is a playing fool!  She loves her keys, her oball, her blankie, anything that hangs from her play mat, and Spike the Unicorn.  I was OB-sessed with unicorns when I was younger (then transitioned into being even more obsessed with Hanson).  My WHOLE room was unicorns – unicorn wallpaper, unicorn Lisa Frank everything, unicorn figurines on every horizontal surface of my room…  I also just recently found a story that I wrote in elementary school about unicorns.  It was quality.  Why I didn’t pursue a career as an author of many unicorn themed novels is beyond me, and what I would consider a loss for readers everywhere.  So naturally we needed to start Alice early with her unicorn-love. My mom bought her a cute purple sparkly unicorn at Binder Park Zoo to help ignite her passion for these majestic creatures.

unicorn love {july 15}

unicorn love {july 15}

We started using her bumbo seat more often and she loves being able to sit up on her own.  I can’t wait until she actually does sit up on her own – it is so weird to think that my tiny little baby will soon be big enough to sit up by herself…  That’s crazy talk.   Buuuut it would be nice to give the back of her head a break so her hair can grow back because she definitely has a big bald spot back there.  Speaking of bald spots – you lose A. LOT. of hair after you have a baby.  Like tons.

This kid is tiny.  She’s in size 1 diapers.  Newborn jammies.  And 0-3 clothes.  She weighs something like 11 pounds.  She goes to the doctor on the 24th for her 4 month check up so we will see her official weight then, but she is sitting pretty securely in the 5th percentile.  That means that 95% of babies her age are bigger than her.  Wow.  We get comments all the time about how little she is.  It only bothers me because I feel like sometimes people are judging.  Especially when she was younger.  We went to Tulip Time when she was 7 weeks old.  We forgot to bring the stroller because we suck, so she was in the ring sling the whole time.  Someone said, “Wow, what a little baby.  How old?”  — “7 weeks.” — “Oh wow, I would have thought 7 days.”  Now come on.  I am not going to bring my week old baby to Tulip Time in the cold.  Seriously.  We are not crummy parents.  She’s just little.  And just naturally little.  Because, believe me, this kid eats.  Every two hours.  You could set a watch by her fussiness.  She starts to get a little fussy… oh, look, it’s been an hour and forty-five minutes since she ate.  Silly kid.

I went back to work more regularly during the last month.  It’s kinda sad that you get to be home full-time with you baby and as soon as she gets to a fun and interactive developmental stage – bam – you have to go back to work and miss everything.  It breaks my heart.  I love my job a lot, but I would also love to be independently wealthy and not have to work so I could stay home with her.

She loves watching screens.  I know.  Terrible parents here.  But seriously, she loves them.  Sometimes the only way we can get her to fall asleep at night is if she sits on Derek’s lap while he plays games on the computer.  He’s really sacrificing, I know.

loungin' {july 14}

loungin’ {july 14}

captivated {july 14}

captivated {july 14}

Her favorite thing to watch is Baby Van Gogh.  Who.  Makes.  These.  Things??!  Have any of you watched them??!  I am CONVINCED that a 7th grader in a graphic design/film class made this with weird stock clips from the internet.  It is AWFUL.  Awful.  But Alice is mesmerized by it.  Here it is for you all to see in case you were wondering.  But, I guess it’s better than having to watch Yo Gabba Gabba like other parents I know …  Although it doesn’t have the catchy, yet informative/educational, songs like, “Don’t Bite Your Friends” that Yo Gabba Gabba has…

THIS month has been my favorite so far.  I know I said that last month, but I lied.  I like this month.  Lots.  She’s so stinking adorable, playful, sweet, cuddly, and wonderful.  I just can’t get enough.

She loves to stand up.  It’s super cute.  She has a fun routine with me that after every diaper change I stand her up on the changing pad and she gets to bounce around for a while.  She laughs and giggles.  She’s seriously the best.

So I am a part of this amazingly helpful mom’s group on facebook.  I added a lot of you because it’s a fabulous group with wonderfully supportive moms.  There has been lots of talk on various posts in the group about the dreaded period of “four month sleep regression.”  AKA: your kid was sleeping through the night, taking regular naps, becoming a predictable and wonderful sleeper then, BAM see ya later sleep.  I was DREADING this.  We even chose not to transition her to her crib yet because she was getting close to being four months and didn’t want to chance this being an issue (plus I don’t know if I am ready to have her leave our room).  About two weeks ago her sleep started getting off-track.  She wouldn’t take naps at her regular time, she would wake up at 3am (on the dot) every night to get changed and eat (and maybe play), she wouldn’t go to bed at her regular time (staying up until 11 or 11:30p)…  Then all of a sudden she stopped.  She became more predictable again, taking naps, going to bed at her normal time, sleeping through the night.  I don’t know if this was the sleep regression or because I went back to work and things were different for her, but either way, it wasn’t nearly as bad or tough as I had prepared myself for.  Although, I like to think I have a very flexible view/mindset about infant sleep, so that probably helped with how I perceived/handled things.

Events from Month 3

Growing up

Geez… I guess I haven’t updated much this last month… whoops.

4th of July!  We didn’t do much except spend some time with Derek’s family.  Burt was terrified of the fireworks that were going off in the neighborhood, but Alice couldn’t care less.


happy 4th!

Here is a collection of cute Alice pictures from the last month:

loving on that baby {june 18}

loving on that baby {june 18}

Alice and her baby! {june 18}

Alice and her baby! {june 18}

We were out running errands and Alice was SCREAMING in the back because those darn rings WOULD NOT fit in her mouth.  then she passed out. {june 20}

We were out running errands and Alice was SCREAMING in the back because those darn rings WOULD NOT fit in her mouth. then she passed out. {june 20}

the only way Derek loses in bags is if he is holding Alice {june 21}

the only way Derek loses in bags is if he is holding Alice {june 21}

she has an expensive baby carrier but loves to look forward so we had to borrow a forward-facing one so she would be content ... for about 2 mintues {june 23}

she has an expensive baby carrier but loves to look forward so we had to borrow a forward-facing one so she would be content … for about 2 mintues {june 23}

"best friends share their toys" - Harper {june 24}

“best friends share their toys” – Harper {june 24}

amazing ladies {june 24}

amazing ladies {june 24}

look at this cute girl.  look at her! {june 26}

look at this cute girl. look at her! {june 26}

ahhh!  adorable hat - thanks Connie!! {june 26}

ahhh! adorable hat – thanks Connie!! {june 26}

soooo mad but soooo cute {june 27}

soooo mad but soooo cute {june 27}

snuggles with her mama {june 28}

snuggles with her mama {june 28}

cute little monster after a bath {july 1}

cute little monster after a bath {july 1}


couch naps {july 1}


sleepy {july 1}


get in my mouth toy {july 3}


beautiful {july 4}


these newborn pants were HUGE on her when she was born. we couldn’t find preemie-sized pants so we had to make do. now they are way too small. she’s getting so big. {july 5}


hanging out with dad {july 5}


making sure dad puts the bumbo toys together properly {july 9}


ahhh loving the new toys! {july 10}


one cute baby {july 10}


grandma and grandpa came to visit and couldn’t get enough of her {july 12}


played too hard and passed out {june 30}


nakey baby {july 1}


bahahah grins {july 12}


goof {july 12}


hello world {july 13}